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The 5C's asked by IG: @CollaborativeConcious

The 5Cs Objectives/Core Values:

1. Starting conversations
2. Making connections
3. Building collaborations
4. Create new ideas
5. Reshape our communities


Q. What is your Business/Motto?

A: My business and motto is
Life * Creativity * Business
My experiences throughout life have put me in a position to able to not only help myself, but also help others in any or all three of these areas. Being able to help others view these areas of life in a different and better light helps me as well. It is growth through individuality as well as collaboratively.

Q. According to the 5C’s:
Which one is your strongest?

A. My strongest would be making connections and collaborations. I have learned that making connections and collaborating with others is not a bad thing.Rather, it can be a tool that can benefit both sides. A lot of our inner work is a solo journey, but the outside world is filled with interactions that effect us. I try to make the best connections that suit myself as well as the people I work with to better assist with projects and goals. As long as there is balance in working with others; there is a better chance to succeed.

Q. According to the 5C’s:
Which one would you like more help in more?

A. I would say reshaping our communities. I decided to change my view on what I do for work because I wanted to make a difference. The goal is to work with as many people to create a better mind state that will then reverberate throughout the community. I would love to be able to find smart and efficient ways to do this seamlessly in our communities. If we allow ourselves to have a better view of our communities, we will allow for better things to enter our lives altogether.

Q. How do you envision collaboration for your business?

A. I envision collaboration with like minded individuals and/or with people who want to do different and better for themselves or their surroundings. I want my business to grow along with the people I work with and myself. I want us all to win as we move up and grow.